I will push your mental limits

I will push your mental limits in a way no woman have done it before, making you feel extremely submissive and vulnerable, probably fearful of your own submissive helpless feelings and desires, I will own you body and mind. I am Catherine Hunter, a strong dominant woman

Pet love

This photo is a gift to my awesome slaves who haven’t had the opportunity yet to meet my pet “Kitty” in person. Nothing kinky here, just pet love.

Human Ashtray Session

I enjoy my time with those who like being my human ashtray, you can get intoxicated by my cigarette smoke, catch the ashes with your mouth or just watch my cigarette burn as I inhale  each drag. 

About the tribute amount.

Establishing a tribute amount is not black and white matter, there are  many factors influencing that decision . For me it’s as important as it is for you determining the right amount, as the perfectionist woman I am, the success of a session involves lots of  planning from both of us (time, money, gifts, etc) Calling is the best way to find out. I don’t discuss tribute over text or emails with those I have not meet before.

Catherine Hunter.

Domination, Fetishes and Showers

With my slaves I can be brutal, demanding or just a perfectionist and still manage to keep this immense level of sensuality intact, that’s 100% natural on me, I am princess Cathy.

Roman Showers

Roman shower!!! ahhh.. what an intense experience.

Roman shower is a session that require some special preparation to make it mild  on the smell and the flavor. Some of the food I avoid are lactose, coffee, eggs and spicy food. Be sure to contact me at least 1 day before to book your appointment.

If you can serve me this way, you are definitely not a wimp!

Princess Cathy

What I demand from my foot slaves.

I enjoy seeing a man humbling to my feet, submissive and humiliated.

I demand from you:
Foot massages using your mouth and hands
Foot worship (clean or dirty)
Trampling and foot abuse
Boot and high heels worship
Socks and nylon worship
Bare feet sniffing
Forced foot smelling and feeding

I have beautiful feet size 6 to 6 1/2 always pedicured