As a domina, toilet training is one of my favorite sessions, among many other ones I indulge on.  It’s not for everyone, so don’t schedule a session because you are curious or intrigued about it, toilet play is a deep and genuine desire to serve a superior woman like me, while in my sessions we will bond in an unique feeling of superior servitude and worshiping, With a mix feeling of sensuality and dominance, I will guide you to that place where others are unwilling to get and I’ll make you feel that magnificent feeling of toilet servitude that many other ones will never find out.

My style is natural sensual dominant, yet very strict; I have no tolerance for bullshit. Understand I need mental stimulation as much as you do; I am not in a toilet play “mood” at all times every day. I have my ways to like it and dislike it, and forcing it into you may get me to feel the opposite of what arouse my desire have a man serving me and worshiping my brown, golden and roman, which for me is one of the most intimate feelings in the domme- sub play, It’s your desire to serve me and your attitude toward it  what gets me there.

My best time for brown is morning to late morning, You should schedule session in advance ( NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED)

My best time for brown is morning to late morning; you should schedule session in advance (NO DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED) But 2 confirmations are, one the day before the day scheduled for your servitude and one at least 3 hours before the time we are meeting. I can understand priorities have to be rearrange sometimes and cancelation have to take place unfortunately, but not showing and not canceling our session scheduled is a “huge disrespect for my time and effort to make this happen”





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