I was raised to be a woman with an iron fist and a strong heart, born in the Venezuelan mountains, raised in Miami Fl.
My kinks developed at a perfect age, and they quickly bond with my sophisticated personality, dominance and self-control.

I can have a cold heart, when is about punishing, humiliating and putting you in place, I am strict, I don’t tolerate BS and correction is always for your own good.

From my toilet slave, I expect nothing less than perfect servitude; we can indulge in training you as a beginner or extreme play for those more experienced. I enjoy providing the 4 types of showers (golden, brown, ruby and roman)

Before becoming a pro-domme, being married for 7 year to a submissive cross-dresser extreme kinky male, helped me appreciate the beauty of personally enjoying fetishes, I enjoy many of them.

I worked on the medical field for a few years, kinky nurse is more than a role-play for me, it comes natural with a very sensual twist, however, only light nurse play, always safe and consensual, like any other fetishes I provide.

Catherine Hunter