I love my princess life and dominating men, but must of all in this word, I love my gorgeous self, my petite body; my sexy curves, starting from my perfect toes; always pedicure and well take care of, my dominant feet, kissed and worshiped by many of the most submissive, pleasers foot guys in earth, dirty, sweaty or clean can be enough to make a man drop down to his knees and find his place.

My sexy legs, OMG! They are very attractive, soft, perfect in shape and texture, whoever, I don’t like to show them to everyone, I reserve that privilege to those who I desire to tease and enslave, my legs are super smooth, and laser removed every single hair from them. There’s not roughness or razor bumps, I like to caress, massage and apply body cream, oils and lotion to it, sometimes I request the help from my favorite sub to apply it while I indulge on the soft touch and of his hands and the silkiness lotion.

My hips, they scream sexy Latina, yes, I can move this hips! I like dancing salsa and merengue, that sexiness in movements shows at its finest while pounding you with my strap-on dildos. The black straps hugs perfect to my hips, wrapping around my butt, giving me that sexy feeling just below my belly button. Oh Yeah!

Day and night I like to give special attention to the back part of my body, from my sexy calves, my firm and well shape butt, my feminine back and shoulders, all the way up to the top of my neck “where I never let anyone to blow some air”

I enjoy seeing myself in a mirror, especially my face, my lips, my hypnotic and very expressing green eyes, and wow! Men like to get lost on this eyes, also on my breathing, the calm but stern sound of my voice that is never shy to put them in place and keep a reminder of who we are, I am the dominant and you are the submissive.

My personality is dominant; I like structure, discipline, organization, transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness, for me this is the base for a good behavior. I like good people, I am a good person; not forgetting to mention also fun, my sense of humor is delightful. I deeply enjoy spending time with my friends and subs, those who value my time and my presence, I like receive presents and surprises, big or small, it makes me feel loved.


I am a mix of a smart, dominant, sensual sadist (cruel bitch when needed) among many other things well putted together all in this petite body.



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