It’s not impossible to be my personal sub, my friend or my sub-friend, however; I don’t befriend just anyone because of his or her desire to get to know me. I am very private about my personal life, my whereabouts, my sessions, family and other people with who I share pieces of my life and […]


I love my princess life and dominating men, but must of all in this word, I love my gorgeous self, my petite body; my sexy curves, starting from my perfect toes; always pedicure and well take care of, my dominant feet, kissed and worshiped by many of the most submissive, pleasers foot guys in earth, […]

Not BS

I am a happy toilet trainer mistress, surrounded by many wonderful toilet slaves, human toilets and piggies. I’m not not interested in those who have the balls to disrespect me or  the curiosity of making me upset to she how it’s like . I have no problem respectfully walking away from those, closing my doors […]

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